Natural way of meditation

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Natural way of meditation by Kunio Shohei Nomura
Author of "beyond national egoism" + Inochi-no Seminar
"Seitai" natural way of meditation in Salzburg

People are inherently enlightened.

People are happy as they are.

You cannot pass the truth of existence to people by teaching them, nor can you see it by being taught.

You can realize the truth of existence only through your own real experience.

I have repeated this many times in this blog.

I have also talked about some ways to realize it.

This time, I’ll explain its very essence, the “Natural Way of Meditation.”


I give my seminar, the Seminar of Inochi (or ‘life’), in Japan and Europe.

The participants have found their essential nature and the genuine way of life.

In this blog I will write about our essential nature and the genuine life and world, which I have grasped through my own experiences in my life.

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