Inochi-no Selbsterkenntnis-Seminar 2020

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Selbsterkenntnis-Seminar "Inochi-no + kokoro" mit Kunio Shohei Nomura im deutschsprachigen Raum (Salzburg/München/Zürich/Wien) - TALLER AUTORREALIZACION/INOCHI NO SEMINAR

Proposal For the People All Over the World
Overcoming National Egoism



This is a work-shop or seminary offered by Master Shohei Kunio Nomura to a limited group of participants meeting together for 5 days/one week.

The seminaries have been taking place in Japan for a many years and in Europe since 2001. It is something infinitely simple, and its only difficulty lies precisely in its original simplicity.

It offers the possibility of dissolving directly those thought patterns that are neither genuine nor natural, but have been acquired from culture, society, religion, family, education and other influences.

Quickly and efficiently we can identify our attachments, fears, prejudices, desires, beliefs, lies etc. and rid ourselves of their heavy burden to discover our true Nature.

The seminary offers no Diy on such aspects as childhood traumas, blocks or similar. On the contrary, it is a work-shop that cuts through this personal layer to the center, straight to comprehension, clear visualization.
Thus permitting a new way of thinking to emerge, not as something learned but rather like the blossoming of a new flower, like a window at last opening wide.

There is no physical work. On the contrary all is mental exercise. The mind makes the knot, the mind undoes it. An infinity of simple questions to which simply, or not so simply, one must answer with a “Yes” or a “No”

It is marvelous opportunity for those who truly desire to interact fully with their own self, with others and with our environment. Opportunity for those who seek a life that is authentic, happy, true, simple and free.

All that is needed is to let oneself go. The participant goes on the adventure of a profound interior journey starting with “..What you think you are..” and ending with “..What you really are.. ”

A journey of self revelation.

I give my seminar, the Seminar of Inochi (or ‘life’), in Japan and Europe.

The participants have found their essential nature and the genuine way of life.

In this blog I will write about our essential nature and the genuine life and world, which I have grasped through my own experiences in my life.

The truth of existance

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