Weisheit des weiblichen Körpers

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Seitai - Die Weisheit des weiblichen Körpers
Mutsuko Nomura - Seitai-Meisterin Japan
"Seitai - methode for the womens body"


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Mutsuko Nomura publication of "Seitai - method for the women’s body" in Nanatsumori Shokan. The author, Mutsuko Nomura, a veteran with over 50 years of experience in Seitai instruction, who studied under the founder of Seitai, Haruchika Noguchi, provides recommendations for women.

Part I: Chapter 1 - The Woman's Body - 6 Important Topics
Topic 1: Menstruation is the perfect opportunity to put the body in order.
Topic 2: Considerations for a healthy childbirth.
Topic 3: Going through menopause in a healthy way.
Topic 4: Regaining the body's resilience through a cold.
Topic 5: Caution regarding chronic eye fatigue from computers/TVs/phones.
Topic 6: Nurturing femininity and maternal qualities gently.

Part II: Chapter 2 - Caring for the Body in the Four Seasons
Spring: Spring cleaning and detoxifying the slags accumulated in the body.
Rainy Season: Creative approaches to preventing physical sluggishness are significant.
Summer: Sweating is important.
Autumn: The best season to improve physical constitution.
Winter: Avoiding chills and dryness means staying healthy.
"katsugen-undo" by Haruchika Noguchi
"yuki & birth" & by Hiroyuki Noguchi

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