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in seitai soho, there need be no morning sickness and no pain in giving birth

Understanding the Individual VII (Haruchika Noguchi)

once a women came to Noguchi and said in high dudgeon:

„I told my daughter and daugther-in-law what I went through with morning sickness, but all they said was, „Oh, is there such a thing as morning sickness?“ Neither of them gave me any sympathy at all. And when I spoke of the suffering I underwent in giving birth, they didn‘t show an ounce of compassion. They have given birth to babies themselves, but they had the effrontery to ask, „What, can it be painful, then, giving birth?“ I feel crosser and crosser about it. Nobody recognises the agonies I went through in those days. And when I asked myself the reason for this, it came to me that the person responsible was you. You have done these unnecessary things, and now nobody has morning sickness, and they all give birth painlessly, and so my daughter and „d-i-l“ don‘t begin to comprehend the sufferings their mothers went through.“

Certainly, when Mrs was young, giving birth was thought to eintail much pain and grief. But nowadays, as a result of adjusting the lower part of the spinal column in seitai soho, there need be no morning sickness and no pain in giving birth. It is not surprising that people should wrongly suppose that seitai soho is a method of delivery.

orgasmic birth

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