truth of existence

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Is the sense of separateness a truth of existence?
"Enlightenment, as a concept, creates a lot of confusion and is too overrated. I prefer to speak of self-realization. Finding ourselves and delving into the meaning of life is the most important discovery of human beings, and the only real key to a happy life that is really worth living." Kunio S. Nomura
7.7. Tanabata-Wunsch-Fest

World peace can be achieved easily

Kunio's (Shohei Nomura) Buch "Beyond national egoism" zeigt es wundervoll auf, wie wir über die Grenzen unserer eigenen "national-kulturellen" Erziehung hinausgehen können. Zu empfehlen sind seine "Inochi-no + Kokoro-Seminar", die auch in Europa stattfinden.

Excerpt from Idle Thoughts: Law of Happiness

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