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AIDS has nothing to do with immune suppression; and that it should really be called Acquired Energy Deficiency Syndrome -- AEDS -- because its true cause is a breakdown in the delivery of oxygen to the blood and/or body tissues.

...The best way to do meaningful genetic research is to have a stable virus-host relationship, in which a virus is produced in the host but does not kill the host. So you can really study how they interact, how the genetic material of the virus is produced and how it interacts with the host, without manipulating it. That's still the only stable virus-host relationship in virology, other than in bacteria.

...I went to the library to look up the literature on HIV. To my big surprise, I found that when they are speaking about HIV they are not speaking about a virus. They are speaking about cellular characteristics and activities of cells under very special conditions. I was so deeply shocked.

….So for a long time I studied virology, from the end to the beginning, from the beginning to the end, to be absolutely sure that there was no such thing as HIV. And it was easy for me to be sure about this because I realized that the whole group of viruses to which HIV is said to belong, the retroviruses -- as well as other viruses which are claimed to be very dangerous -- in fact do not exist at all.

...I went into evolutionary biology and found that the first genetic molecule of life was RNA, and only later in evolution did DNA come into existence. Every one of our genomes, and that of higher plants and animals, is the product of so-called reverse transcription:
RNA transcribed into DNA.

...While studying the evolutionary aspects of biology, I quickly realized that reverse transcription is common to all forms of life, and in fact is the basis of all higher living. Later I learned that reverse transcription is a repair mechanism for chromosomal DNA.

But the mainstream of molecular genetics is still committed to the central dogma:
"There is no such thing as reverse transcription from RNA to DNA."

...this kind of thought „Dogma“ came from research funded by the seed-producing industry of the United States…

...they have overlooked the essential of life: the production of energy

...ignored the fact that cancer has something to do with oxygen deficiencies,

which had already been established by Otto Warburg's research. Warburg had received his second Nobel Prize for proving that oxidative respiration is not taking place in cancer.

...Because he (Peter Duesberg) was in charge of the introduction of hepatitis B vaccine into Germany, and used it in his patients, Dr. Kremer checked out the hepatitis B vaccines on the market. He found that the American vaccine, hepatitis B vaccine, was produced with the sera donated by men in the Gay scene in New York City between 1978 and 1980. So, as he knew, there was a lot of sex going on in a minority of these men, and therefore they had had a lot of sexually transmitted diseases. So he was afraid of using this vaccine, and instead he used the French vaccine, which was produced from blood donations by the general population in France.
But in 1983 the German government forced him not to use this vaccine anymore. They said the French vaccine is poisoned by the "AIDS virus" -- at the time when nobody was positively speaking about an "AIDS virus" -- but the American vaccine was O.K. He knew, or he was warned, that this had nothing to do with the science, but it had to do with the fact that the German medical system, in parts of Germany, is virtually a colony of the American system.

….in 1984, he was told to deliver frozen blood samples of his patients to Berlin, to the newly founded AIDS Center, to be tested for the "AIDS virus." Before he let his blood out, he checked what's the evidence for the accuracy and reliability of the HIV antibody test, and he realized that this test is not able to detect the virus. It is not able to say yes or no, you are or are not infected. It is only able to say that you have a higher or lower amount of antibodies. That's how the HIV antibody test was and is designed.

….I'm absolutely sure that no antibody test in medicine has any absolute meaning. Especially in HIV antibody testing, it is clear that the antibodies that are detected in the test are present in everybody. ….This is a contradiction in terms because in other antibody tests, the lower your level of antibodies, the higher your risk for a symptomatic infection. But with HIV they say you are "positive" only when you have reached a very high level of antibodies. Below this level, you are said to be negative.

...They all wanted to have a blood and sex plague, contrary to the evidence which he presented to them. So he knew that AIDS was built up on misconceptions. He was dealing at the top political level.

….Professor Alfred Hässig of Switzerland. He founded Swiss blood-donation system and was one of the first to take out products from the blood in order to make plasma to treat chronic disease. By becoming a colleague and a very close friend of his by now, I learned a great deal about the whole blood-producing industry and the criminal energy behind it. In March of 1996 in Berne, Hässig, Kremer and I met for the first time.

It became clear, also, what's happening in the field of hepatitis. They are not dealing with a virus. Of course, there's a possibility to enrich certain kinds of proteins in blood products, which then cause severe autoimmune reactions, but only in very stressed-out people, never in non-stressed people. When they learned to take out these proteins from the blood products, or dilute them, there are not hepatic problems anymore.

….there's no such thing as infectious hepatitis. really started in the 1960's, when the retrovirologists were being supported by President Nixon in the "War on Cancer." This was the first time incredible amounts of money were poured into this kind of research. These elite schools of thought came into existence, dominating everything, and of course they had success with the mass media because they were dealing with cancer. When they claimed that retroviruses were the cause of cancer, of course they developed chemotherapy against it. But soon they had to give up the idea of cancer being caused by viruses because they saws that reverse transcriptase and reverse transcription occur everywhere they're look for it. They found it's a common characteristic of all forms of life, especially for cancer cells, and in fact it's a repair mechanism.

….So silently, slowly but surely, they stopped speaking about those cancer-causing viruses anymore, but came up with a completely new idea of what is causing cancer, saying it's a weak immune system. When immunology, as its own biological discipline with is own faculty came into existence, people claimed that they were able to measure the strength of the immune system by measuring lymphocytes in the bloodstream. Of course, thousands of studies had been carried out in the '70's saying that the white blood cell count never correlated with any disease or with any age.

...the immune surveillance theory of cancer, which was wrong already at the moment they announced it; because they knew already by then that cancer cells have no specific markers on their surface. They have the same protein markers on their surface as embryonic cells.

...Now I have to tell you the basis of our lives…..

….This excess energy is the basis of all higher life, and if you violate it -- if you don't let the oxygen come into the organism; if the blood is oxidized by poppers [nitrites] or sulfinamides [including sulfa drugs like Bactrim and Septra]; or if the transit way between the blood and the cells is poisoned by heavy metals, or the lack of essential fatty acids; or when the mitochondria are destroyed in the cells, due to the lack of nutrition, or antibiotics -- the oxygen cannot be transported from the blood to the cells.
….They knew from the very beginning that cancer cells have only embryonic markers on their surface. From a biological, evolutionary point of view it makes sense that a cancer cell is a reduction to an embryonic stage.

….An embryonic cell goes into a unicellular state.
In order to explain failure to find a retrovirus that directly caused cancer, they claimed to be able to measure the immune system. But this is ridiculous. In the Journal of the American Medical Association, August 28, 1981, it was published that it makes no sense to measure lymphocytes in the blood because only a few of them are in the blood. The immune system is carried out, not in the blood, but in the tissues. Only rarely and accidentally do we see some of them in the blood. We've already carried out thousands of studies which have proven no correlation between disease or health, …

….The only diseases seen in people with AIDS are the ones tropical disease specialists have specialized in. Those are unicellular organisms which came into existence in evolutionary times when there was not as much oxygen in the atmosphere as there is today. So they can only grow in people who are depleted of oxygen. And that's it, why they show up there, even when the immune functions are absolutely perfect.

….It was already known by 1965, definitely, that PCP is a fungus. And this was and is the most important AIDS-defining disease. If you look at who comes down with this disease, you see people who are using poppers. What are poppers? Nitrites. And check every dictionary in the bookstore, or the People's Medical Dictionary: what do nitrites do in the body? They oxidize the blood. That means the blood itself is not able to transport oxygen. So, of course, the first cells to suffer are cells in the lung.

Nitrites are transformed immediately into nitric oxide in the smallest capillaries of the body. Nitric oxide is produced by the body in very low concentrations in order to control blood pressure, in order to control development. It has to be detoxified by the body immediately, because in higher concentrations it acts very aggressively, destroying everything. This is why the "eating cells" of the immune system, the macrophages, are releasing nitric oxide in high quantities in inflammation reactions: to destroy and digest the bacterial cells.

So if you take up nitrites regularly, or from time to time -- which means huge, excessive amounts of nitric oxide are produced -- it means you start the self-destroying process in your own body, especially in the lungs. You are destroying your lung tissue, and fungal infections are growing on this dead organic matter. Even so, immune functions are perfect, …

PCP can also happen in people who suffer extreme malnutrition, like we've had in Africa. This is the reason why PCP is not part of the AIDS definition in Africa, because we have it in the children who suffer starvation because the detoxification system of the cells is very weak in children.

….I can foresee, here and now, that people regularly using Viagra will be coming down with KS in two to three years because Viagra acts by blocking the neutralization of nitric oxide. When you take Viagra, nitric oxide accumulates, relaxing the smooth muscles, that blood is flowing in, the penis is being erected, and our muscles are relaxed. Poppers act by the same mode, because the nitrites are transformed into nitric oxide in the smallest vessels, and so the smallest vessels become relaxed. But whereas poppers directly produce nitric oxide, Viagra works by preventing the neutralization of nitric oxide which comes into existence normally in the process of blood pressure regulation. It constantly persists at a very low level, but if it accumulates, you are in a very big danger.

Zenger's: So that's your bottom-line answer to the question, "What is AIDS?"

Dr Lanka: AIDS is an energy deficiency problem. The "AIDS" term is absolutely misleading because it has nothing to do with an immune defect or immune deficiency. It is clear that we are dealing with an energy deficiency. So the term "AIDS" has to be replaced by the term "AEDS," "Acquired Energy Deficiency Syndrome," and we would keep up the term "AIDS" only in the form of acquired intelligence deficiency syndrome. AEDS has a rational basis, and it is treatable. There are very potent treatment options available to reverse those damages caused by intoxification or lack of oxygen, on all various levels.

...Here, also, evolutionary biology helps. Animal beings are not able to produce three major classes of substances, because when they came into existence in the water, these substances were available. This is another aspect of evolution, because they have grown up or developed in a constant milieu where all the essential molecules have been available. Animal beings didn't bother to build up three important groups of molecules on their own, so they have the advantage to use their energy, and in order to develop even more or quicker.

Among these substances animals cannot produce on their own are the polyphenols, which are vitamins. We are aware of 5,000 different kinds of polyphenols produced in herbs -- in all plants, but especially in herbs. The higher they grow, the higher they produce polyphenols. You can detect plants in front of radiation. These polyphenols are nature's own protease inhibitors, by the way. Animals are also not able to produce the long-chain sugar molecules which make up the basic tissues that form up to 80 percent of our body weight. These tissues produce the constant milieu for the cells in the body -- and if you don't have them you are going automatically into disease.

….So if the cell lacks these substances, it cannot maintain its milieu. The surfaces of the cells especially need those long-chain sugar molecules in order to prevent calcium from flowing inside the cell. If those products are not there, calcium is formed inside the cells, killing the cells, resulting in controlled cell death, apoptosis: that means inflammation.

Normally you get these substances from plants. In emergency cases, if you are depleted, you get them from bovine cartilage or agar agar, two spoonfuls every morning, With this you can stop all forms of arthritis, by the way, and those molecules are potent protease inhibitors as well.

Article-Link: Source: Zenger's Newsmagazine, P. O. Box 50134, San Diego, CA, USA, 92165- 0134.

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