Healthy childbirth

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Considering healthy childbirth - by Mutsuko Nomura (Seitai)

Childbirth—the joy of welcoming the birth of a new life. The reality, however, is that many women damage their body through childbirth. What is needed for healthy childbirth for the mother and child?

Tension in the head and lack of exercise are to be avoided

Tension has become great because of overuse of the nerves, eyes and head through electrical devices, cellular phone e-mail, personal computers, television, and being sedentary. Doing sports or exercise occasionally and all at one time is not enough. It is most important to cultivate resilience and flexibility of the pelvis by using the legs, hips and lower back and to move as much as possible in your daily life.

During pregnancy, reduce use of the television and personal computer, and find ways to rest when you have tension in the head. It is also important to walk even when your abdomen has become large. However, as people have said from the past, avoid stairs as much as possible and be very careful when climbing or descending stairs.

...women damage their body during childbirth because they have become pregnant while their pelvis and birth canal is not in good order (Seitai). A healthy woman’s pregnancy does not involve morning sickness, the baby develops healthily in the uterus, and a smooth, comfortable childbirth is welcomed. Naturally, it is most important to put your body in good order (Katsugen-undo + Yuki) and make it healthy before pregnancy. When considering pregnancy and childbirth, women need to be most careful of overuse of the head and lack of exercise.

Nomura-Mutsuko author of "Seitai - methode for the women's body"

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