Christmas Weihnachten

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I regard Christmas from a position of one not raised in any religion but who has been interested from an early age to study them all. Manitonquat "medicinestory"
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Now comes the Solstice, the dark time in the northern latitudes where most of us reside, the time when we begin to long for the light, when we string up colored lights on our houses, stir up the flames on our Yule logs in the grate. For Hindus it comes with a festival of lights – Divali, and Jews begin the lighting of the Chanukah menorahs.
I regard Christmas from a position of one not raised in any religion but who has been interested from an early age to study them all. For Christians Easter is the time of considering death and resurrection, and Christmas the time for considering birth and the sacredness of life.

The story of Christmas is about a baby – not about our birth or about us, but about a baby that people from afar over the Earth come to worship. An idealized baby: perfection, absolute goodness. We are able to feel that at every birth. Whoever looks at any baby, really opens to that baby, is awed by that innocence and goodness. Whoever can look at a baby and think of ‘original sin’ is not truly present, is already damaged, and we cannot credit such an utterance.

Mother Meera in München (Baby sieht das Göttliche in der Mutter 0:28 - 0:40min)

The only truly human response to a newborn baby is wonder and awe. Our hearts are melted and joined. The meaning of the word ‘religion’ is to join together again. When we have broken our world asunder we need to connect and rejoin. The only evil that may in future issue from this baby is that caused by others, If this baby is protected, cared for, loved, all will be well.

So Christmas is also a celebration of family. We place the holy family in the center of our story. Radiant Mother Mary offers a gift of the Divine to a confused and burdened world. And Joseph quietly stands by, the protector. The next move is his, swiftly to take charge and carry this holy family to safety in Egypt, later to the ordinary humble life of a carpenter in Nazareth.

This is the essence of Christmas: to honor the goodness of existence in a human child and to honorthe sanctity of the human family with its responsibility for the future of humankind and of all life on Earth. How far from that essence we have come today, with our distracting commercialism, our broken families, and a culture that revolves about displaying our selfies on Facebook!
Not brought up in any religion and from an early age studying all religions, guided by the innate morality I probe in myself (after blundering often through shameful moral blindness in my youth) I find there is much to recommend in the actual teachings of Jesus. The whole church emphasis on an afterlife detracts from the primary importance of those teachings. Some teachings seem to me to have been corrupted by the leaders of the Christian church from Peter and Paul on.
But, as an outsider with no iron in the fire, I would retail to you what seems to me most essential, most Christ-like, and most urgent at this time for peace and good will on Earth. At the apex of his utterance, the Nazarene gave us a new commandment, that ‘you love one another as I have loved you.’
How powerful that is! Staggering to think it even possible for us to equal his divine love for us all. Don’t you think that is amazing? Can you imagine a god in you that could love every poor mortal among us? Recall also that he told everyone ‘ye are gods.’
So he put it right to us. ‘Love your enemies.’ Do good to those who do evil to you. When they take your coat, give the your cloak also.
Hard. But I know righteousness when I see it, and I keep trying to redirect myself though
I be caught in the world’s snares. (My wife Ellika is immensely helpful in reminding and redirecting me.)

To me one of the most important of his concepts was when shown when he brought a child before them and said ‘unless you become like one of these you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.’
I really relate to that one, as a man who has involved himself with assisting at births and in
organizing early childcare for the community in our home, to teaching at all levels from
kindergarten to college and organizing home schooling in our community. I have been consistently amazed by the truth and clarity of children.

The basis of all my understanding of evil, of war and violence and injustice, is the knowledge that we are, every one of us, born good, as holy as that baby in the manger in Bethlehem, and that if we can protect and care for our babies and children as did Joseph and Mary we will bring forth that world of Peace and Good Will to all.
Happy Christmas!

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